Dr. Nicole Matejic's blog is an archive of her work on crisis communications.

What to say when you’re asked to speak at an event for free

The ‘can I buy you a coffee and pick your brain’ phenomena is something I know well. In fact, I’ve seen people dress up the ‘will you work for free’ mantra so many different ways I can now spot it from your opening sentence.
5 min read

Emirates airlines communicates confidence during EK521 crisis

An multi-award winning airline, Emirates' ability to navigate through crisis to recovery and soon, back into business as usual has been an impressive display of how well planned crisis communications strategies can be delivered with leaders and teams who have been well prepared.
4 min read

The Media Serves Us What We Order: Don’t Blame Them for Your Heartburn

By guest blogger Cliff W. Gilmore: The reason news is all entertainment modified [f]or shock value; as I recently saw posted in an online discussion, has more to do with the audience than the media. We are served what we order off a menu we write for ourselves...
4 min read

Thrilled to be included in SmartCompany's Australia's 20 Best Business Blogs List!

SmartCompany: "Nicole Matejic’s blog is a must-read for those interested in marketing and social media. Matejic regularly consults with government and the private sector and writes about everything..."
5 min read

Breaking Bad: The Art of Selling Your Own Scandal

Scandals sell news - but how do you navigate out of a PR crisis when the press are camped on your front lawn?
1 min read

The Long Con: The Evolution of Social Engineering

Hacking human cognition isn't a new phenomena. The art of persuasion and influence has evolved with advances in communications technology.
3 min read

Osama Bin Laden as the new ‘Saladin’: Two great parallels in Arab history

Two of the greatest parallels in Arab history : ‘Saladin’ and ‘Osama Bin Laden’, can be studied to gain an understanding of the Arab intellect toward terrorist operations and their underlying motivations.
16 min read

Abandonment, Abduction … Murder? Media Success and Sorrow : Madeline McCann & Qian Xun ‘Pumpkin’ Xue

How media frames can impact the success or failure of police investigations.
10 min read