I use and recommend the following Apps and platforms in my work. While I may receive an affiliate commission for new user sign-ups from this page, I am not sponsored nor otherwise associated with or remunerated by any of these companies.

[two-thirds]Hootsuite makes managing multiple social media networks a breeze with complete reliability and a variety of great analytics packs. Plus, their customer experience and service are superb. Hootsuite also offer a great social media resource centre with case studies, how-to’s and even a University (at cost) so you can learn how to use the platform to it’s full capabilities. Tip: add the Hootlet extension to your web browser to make adding new content into your schedule easy from web or your Twitter desktop streams. [/two-thirds]


[two-thirds]I use Buffer to manage all my third party content – that is all the RTs you see are scheduled using buffer. If you’re just starting out, Buffer offers a great free plan for single accounts. Tip: add the Buffer extension to your web browser to make ‘buffering’ a breeze straight from web and from your Twitter desktop streams. [/two-thirds]


[two-thirds]I use the Mention App to keep a track of what is being said, shared and posted about me on the internet. Think of it like a personal information detective! You simply set up your account (there are free and paid levels of subscription) and within minutes you can have new Mentions pushed to your smartphone so you know who, what and where your content is being shared. Mention is also great to track issues and crises. [/two-thirds]


[two-thirds]Ever wondered how I capture still screen imagery and video how-to’s for YouTube? Voila is my secret! With an easy to use interface and file export to iMovie and Photoshop, it’s a great tool to have at the ready for creating content on the go. [/two-thirds]


[two-thirds]Now you might be thinking, how does Uber fit into a social media toolbox? Simple – it’s one of the best time hacks around. If you spend a lot of time commuting on your way to and from airports, or even just around your own city, instead of fighting traffic and scouting for parking, why not let a professional driver do that for you while you take care of business? I sold my car in mid 2014 and now use Uber because when you do the math on owning a car in the inner-city, add in parking and running costs PLUS traffic aggravations … well I’d have to take a crap loads of Ubers’ each month to even come close to matching the running costs of a private vehicle. [/two-thirds]