Nicole Matejic Author Speaker


Nicole is an internationally recognised author and social media expert. Founder and CEO of the civil-military think-do tank Info Ops HQ and co-founder and Managing Partner of communications consultancy ‘Quantum CIQ’; Nicole is a regular speak to and trainer for NATO.

Her first book ‘Social Media Rules of Engagement’ was published by Wiley in 2015.

As early adopter of using social media as a law enforcement and intelligence information source; Nicole’ s experience, qualifications and unique insight into the social media battlespace provides researched, behavioural insights that better inform communications strategies and the strategic application of technologies

From the cyber-trenches fighting terrorism on the social media battlefield to the boardrooms of Governments and big (and small) business; Nicole is known for her proactive, innovative and no BS approach to strategic communications and managing crises. She is an experienced media commentator in the areas of:

  • Social media Jihad
  • Social media warfare
  • Crisis Communications; and
  • Social media data and analytics

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